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Review Policy


I am up to reviewing new authors, as long as the book captures my interest.

I will not read and review books in a two week time frame. I need a three week minimum to consider the book for review.

I'm willing to accept book ebooks and physical formats.

I will be honest in my review. If I don't like something I will state it. However, I will be respectful.

I will cross post my review to the following: this blog, GoodReads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I'm interested in all genres.

Email: tlightsreviews_[at]artlover[dot]com
If you'd like to send a request anything with an asterisk (*) is required: 
  • Title*
  • Author*
  • Cover Art*
  • Release Date*
  • Publisher*
  • GoodReads Summary*
  • GoodReads Link*
  • Social Media links for Author
 You will receive a reply back, in a timely matter, whether I decide to review the book or not.


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2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Diana has read 20 books toward her goal of 50 books.

Diana's bookshelf: currently-reading

A Game of Thrones
0 of 5 stars
tagged: currently-reading, fantasy, made-into-tv, and first-in-a-series
0 of 5 stars
tagged: classics, currently-reading, and short-stories-and-novellas
Young Terrorists #1
0 of 5 stars
tagged: currently-reading, graphic-novels, net-galley, and arcs
Called by the Bear, Part 1
0 of 5 stars
tagged: currently-reading, animals, first-in-a-series, ebook-freebies, shap...
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